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Omnivore is the free, open source, read it later app for serious readers.

Distraction free. Privacy focused. Open source. Designed for knowledge workers and lifelong learners.

Save articles, newsletters, and documents and read them later — focused and distraction free. Add notes and highlights. Organize your reading list the way you want and sync it across all your devices.

Omnivore’s Features

  • Highlighting, notes, search, and sharing

  • Full keyboard navigation

  • Automatically saves your place in long articles

  • Add newsletter articles via email (with Substack support!)

  • PDF support

  • Web app written in Node.js and TypeScript

  • Native iOS app

  • Progressive web app for Android users

  • Browser extensions for Chrome, Safari, Firefox, and Edge

  • Labels (aka tagging)

  • Offline support

  • Text to speech (iOS only)

  • Logseq support via our Logseq Plugin

  • Obsidian support via our Obsidian Plugin


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Omnivore is the home for everything you read; automatically organized and easy to share
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